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Why did Accounting Angels come to be?

The first reason is I truly believe that business owners should do what they are amazing at and not everything – nope I didn't design this website myself, I hired an expert (see what I did there?).

While new business owners do initially have to wear a lot of different hats to get their business started, they don't have to wear ALL the hats. That's why outsourcing is such a useful tool – hence, Accounting Angels.

It breaks my heart to see so many business owners not know what a Profit and Loss statement is. Or what a balance report is. Do you know what products or services are bringing you in the most profit and which ones are actually draining your valuable resources? These are some of the reasons I am so passionate about making Accounting Angels a safe place for people to come to for help.

The biggest business trauma I want to help small business owners avoid is getting into trouble with the ATO, simply because they didn't know what to do! So many business owners, like yourself, can find it so hard to find an easy to understand bookkeeper who can simplify the language and get you back on track financially where you are making profit.

(Ah-hem, did I mention that Accounting Angels is a highly experienced, down to earth and extremely fun team of bookkeepers put here to help business owners across Australia experience long term business success?) The other reason Accounting Angels came to be was - growing up in a family of small business owners - I saw how stressful small businesses could be on families and marriages. And it became a really big reason why I wanted accounting angels to be easily accessible to you!

We have had couples and business owners thank us for saving something so precious over something they should have outsourced a long time ago!! We make it easy for you because we know how important family is! I wanted to create an environment that focused on small businesses. I wanted to bring what I had learnt from working in the big corporations and scale it down to include and benefit all the little guys!

When you outsource to Accounting Angels you will be 100% 'in the know' of what's happening in the business at all times. You will never have to stress over numbers, legalities and systems again. We are here to do the work for you!

Accounting Angels is a dream come true for me because it has allowed me and my team to do what we love – help small businesses thrive!

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